Mindful movement to get You out of your busy Mind & into your body

Are you struggling with:

  • feeling sore, tired, and tight in your body
  • wanting to increase your strength and flexibility but not sure how to do this in a way that is safe for YOUR body
  • feeling like you don’t have much time or motivation to move
  • wanting to exercise but worried about aggravating pain or injuries
  • feeling stressed and ‘tired-but-wired’ and craving a way to feel more peaceful and calm

I see you and I am here to help! 

I’m Mikayla, a yoga teacher and mindful movement educator, who believes in the power of personalised movement in helping to quiet the busy mind and generate a sense of space and freedom in the body and the breath.


  • feeling clear on the movements that will make you feel strong, flexible and energised
  • having a movement practice that creates a feeling of inner peace
  • being held lovingly accountable to reach your goals
  • enjoying moving your body on a daily basis
  • experiencing less pain, less stress and better sleep


I’ve helped hundreds of clients go from feeling tired and sore to strong and energised. If you’re ready to feel amazing in your body, you’re in the right place.


Kind Words from my students

“I started online yoga classes with Mikayla last year with the aim of increasing my muscle strength and flexibility. A few months later I can say that it has become a whole lot more for me – awareness of body and body rhythm, focus of mind and learning to switch off and be still. I love these classes and always feel great at the end. Mikayla is such an excellent teacher and I would definitely recommend these classes for anyone thinking of starting” ~ Heather


“Mikayla has a lovely demeanour and her classes are tailored for the advanced/intermediate/beginner yogis’ – your option, you choose where you’re at! If you’re getting back into your practice, wanting to start your practice, looking for a safe environment to get your left & rights sides confused (I have been known to), then I can’t recommend highly enough MiYogaVibe” ~ Louise

“Mikayla has reaffirmed a knowing in me, I knew over the past few years that my yoga practice had changed, and I knew this was ok, but her classes have really helped me confirm this ‘knowing’ whilst finding a sense of being ok and working with movement limitations. During the past 6 weeks, I have noticed my hip pain not as obvious plus a freedom in my joints after class. I found the series to be well thought out, researched and delivered at the perfect pace. It’s less mainstream when it comes to yoga, Mikayla guides with an emphasis on awareness, it’s a practice to hold you as you go down the path of life.” ~ Renae

“After participating in Mikayla’s 6-week series, I feel more relaxed and have a different sense of awareness about how I hold my body, alternative ways of moving and the importance of breathing and how that impacts on my mind. I would definitely encourage participation in this carefully curated series of movement workshops. Mikayla has always provided a supportive, safe and encouraging experience for all, both in person and with weekly at home practices to incorporate the key learnings into everyday life. A wonderful yoga experience for all levels of practitioner.” ~ Kate


Soulful Sunday Session - MiYogaVibe


Thanks for stopping by!

I am on maternity leave at the moment, therefore my in-person classes are currently on hold.

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About Mikayla

I’m Mikayla, a yoga teacher and mindful movement educator, who believes in the power of personalised movement in helping to quiet the busy mind and generate a sense of space and freedom in the body and the breath.

Recognising that no two bodies are the same, I am so passionate about helping you find your unique magic when it comes to inviting more movement into your days and guiding you to what feels right and supportive for your body. 

Creator of the and The Mindful Mobility Series, I am passionate about making yoga accessible and sustainable for everybody. 

You can work with me in my , at my regular in-person and in my online course launching in 2021.

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